New entry requirements for tourists to Galapagos

airplane arriving to galapagos

Entry requirements for tourists to Galapagos Galapagos news: After the issuance of the Ordinance that contains the Regulation of migration and residence in the Special Regime of Galapagos there are new requirements for the entry of tourists, both domestic and foreign, to the Enchanted Islands. The new legislation will come into effect when it is socialized “efficiently” to citizens, the Galápagos Governing Council said on Thursday, June 14, in a statement on its website, but did not set a date. The Ordinance states that the Galapagos Islands constitute a Special…

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Ecuador, an idyllic and unique place on the planet.

Panaramic view of el panecillo in Quito

Ecuador, an unique place on the planet A recent publication of the ABC newspaper of Spain describes Ecuador as a “paradise in the middle of the world”, and describes it as “an idyllic and unique place on the planet”. For the Spanish newspaper, Ecuador has different landscapes to visit as the Galapagos islands, archipelago that in 1978 was the first place in the world declared a World Heritage Site. “Today they are deservedly the first tourist destination in Ecuador. In the last twenty years, the number of visitors has quadrupled.…

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Cuenca in Ecuador ”The City of Four Rivers”

domes of the cathedrals for Cuenca in Ecuador

Cuenca in Ecuador Cuenca, the third most important city of Ecuador, is located at 2,500 meters above sea level, on a valley of the Andes, privileged situation that makes its average temperature is 59 F. It is located 472 kilometers from Quito and 243 from Guayaquil, from where you can get there through roads that are in excellent condition The Spanish foundation of Santa Ana de los Ríos of Cuenca was made on April 12, 1557, settled in the plain formerly called by the Cañari as Guapondelig, which the Incas…

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