Biblian – Ecuador

Panoramic view of Biblian in Ecuador

Biblian in Ecuador

Biblian is a charming site known as the “Green town of the Ecuadorian Austro“. With  hardworking and hospitable people , it is a place full of charm and history, a destination that will be impregnated in the memories of those who were born and visit the town.

Important festivities:
Virgen del Rocío – September 8. – it starts the day before, on September 7, at 8:00 p.m. and conclude at 9:00 p.m., with the presentation of a music band, the burning of a castle and the launching of balloons and rockets.

Important dates:
1785 – October 3. – Biblian acquired the category of parish simultaneously with Taday and Chuquipata, of the jurisdiction of Azogues.
1944 – August 1.-It was elevated to the category of canton.


The development of Biblian in the first republican years was remarkable, in his condition of parish of the jurisdiction of the canton Azogues. It is necessary to emphasize the prodigality of nature: its fertile lands, ideal for agriculture and livestock, were an important factor for the progress of the community, initially as a parish, to become a thriving canton and a city that owes its prosperity to the hard work of its inhabitants.

Altitude: 2,608 meters above sea level

Temperature: 14 ° C. average

Surface: 205.30 Km²

Geographical Location: Northern area of the Paute basin

Weather: Cold wet


  • North: Cantón Cañar
  • South: Canton Déleg
  • East: Canton Azogues
  • West: Canton Cuenca



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