Cuenca in Ecuador ”The City of Four Rivers”

domes of the cathedrals for Cuenca in Ecuador

Cuenca in Ecuador

Cuenca, the third most important city of Ecuador, is located at 2,500 meters above sea level, on a valley of the Andes, privileged situation that makes its average temperature is 59 F.

It is located 472 kilometers from Quito and 243 from Guayaquil, from where you can get there through roads that are in excellent condition
The Spanish foundation of Santa Ana de los Ríos of Cuenca was made on April 12, 1557, settled in the plain formerly called by the Cañari as Guapondelig, which the Incas later named Tomebamba; In it was born the Inca emperor Huayna Capac.

Cuenca is also known as the ‘City of four rivers’ because it is surrounded by four fresh, clean and cold water streams, which originate in the Cajas’ knot. Its names are Tomebamba, Machángara, Tarqui and Yanuncay, Immortalized in the song ‘Chola Cuencana’, which is like a hymn of the city.

Cuenca as Cultural heritage

The city of Cuenca in Ecuador was declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity the first of December of 1999, this designation was an acknowledgment of its architecture, archaeological vestiges, art and literature cultivated by its children, its crafts and its goldsmiths among other motivations, which together make Cuenca a welcoming city for those who visit it and who, besides Enjoy the warmth of its people, also have the opportunity to participate in their parties, meals, recreations, tours of its numerous churches as well as the surrounding sites.

The cathedrals of Cuenca

Cuenca has two cathedrals standing, the oldest one is called the Old Cathedral and its construction by the Spanish began in 1557, using in its construction Inca stones of the Palace of Pomango and marble. Inside are several life-size figures depicting the scene of Jesus and his twelve disciples during the Last Supper, as well as another representation that moves visitors to the point where Christ has already been taken down from the cross after having Expired and some people, including his mother Mary, are preparing to burial him, his name is The Descent. Both works were created by the artist Gaspar Sangurima.

Some tips and recommendations to visit Cuenca in Ecuador

  • Clothing: Consider light clothing for the day, where usually sunny mornings and some evening jerseys, when the temperature refreshes and the sky becomes cloudy, often accompanied by rainfall.
  • Rainfall: Even though rainfall is mostly concentrated between October and May, it is advisable for any month to carry umbrellas and raincoats, considering that even in the driest months like July and August, there are at least ten rainy days per month.
  • Money: Although the official currency of Ecuador is the dollar, in general circulate low denomination currencies, which makes it difficult to accept 50 and 100 bills in all commercial establishments. One of the only places where it is possible to change tickets to low denominations is the Central Bank.
  • Sun protection: Like all Ecuadorian cities, the sun is extremely strong, requiring constant use of sun lotion with a minimum protection factor of 50, to avoid sunstroke and intense sunburn. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are also recommended.
  • Tourist Information Offices: Tourist Information Offices can be found at both the Terrestrial Terminals, the Airport and the Historical Center (in front of the Calderón Park), where you can find information about the main attractions of the city and its surroundings, prices, Land routes, accommodation and other useful information.

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