Ecuador, an idyllic and unique place on the planet.

Panaramic view of el panecillo in Quito

Ecuador, an unique place on the planet

A recent publication of the ABC newspaper of Spain describes Ecuador as a “paradise in the middle of the world”, and describes it as “an idyllic and unique place on the planet”.

For the Spanish newspaper, Ecuador has different landscapes to visit as the Galapagos islands, archipelago that in 1978 was the first place in the world declared a World Heritage Site. “Today they are deservedly the first tourist destination in Ecuador. In the last twenty years, the number of visitors has quadrupled. ” In 2016, the islands received 218 365 tourists, according to the Galapagos Observatory.
ABC also highlights the Ecuadorian Amazon and among its many native tribes, the Mayuma, prepared to welcome tourists.

ABC describes Quito as the Ecuadorian capital founded by the Spanish 483 years ago, and as the first city to be declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco (1978), and one of the 21 finalists in the 7 Wonder Cities of the World contest. “Quito has the largest and best preserved colonial neighborhoods in America, an impressive architectural puzzle of 320 hectares, where narrow streets, churches, monasteries, palaces, museums and plazas span from the 16th to the 20th centuries.”

Also worthy of note are the Patrimonial Nights, which are held on Saturdays and thematic tours enlivened with music and theatrical performances.

The newspaper also mentions the gastronomy in Ecuador that has improved considerably in recent years, Ecuador has masters of top-class stoves such as Homero Miño, Juan Carlos Solano, Carlos Gallardo … and many others who will someday come out of international anonymity “.

For ABC, the increase in tourists in recent years is due to Ecuador being the second safest country in Latin America, based on the measurement of the Igarapé Homicide Institute. “In addition, it ranks 79th in a list of 127 countries worldwide analyzed by The World Internal Security and Police Index Report during 2016.”

According to ABC, despite its high seismic activity, ground movements are constantly monitored and is not listed in the index of countries at risk of dangerous diseases such as zika or ebola, according to the International Epidemiological Situation Report 2016.

“In any case, every tourist who visits these lands can download the application Ecuador Seguro, developed by the Ministry of Security of Ecuador. So that the interested party has in real time all the information related to any natural phenomena that could occur, concludes the newspaper’s description.

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