Reasons to Travel to Ecuador

The Cahtedral of Quito one of the reason to travel to Ecuador

Reasons to travel to Ecuador

Few regions in the world can you boast such a vast and rich biodiversity as South America, endless landscapes of natural beauty and diversity as the majestic Andes Mountains and the pristine Amazon region, within this large territory there is a unique and magical place, a true compendium of all the natural wonders of the great South American region, have you ever imagined of one place with everything you need? that country is called Ecuador and these are some of the Reasons to travel to Ecuador.

Ecuador is a country of four worlds, the Pacific coast, the highlands, the Amazon region and the unique Galapagos Islands, in America and in the Caribbean you could find many beautiful beaches such as in Ecuador, you can find beautiful mountains like those in Ecuador in Chile for instance or you can find beautiful tropical forests in Brazil or Colombia also, but only Ecuador has it all together in such small area comparable to the size of the state of Nevada, in Ecuador however you can find the Galapagos islands that cannot be found nowhere else in the world, in Ecuador you can have a fresh seafood breakfast on the shore of a beautiful beach and after an land trip of only 4 hours our astonished visitors can lunch at the base of a majestic snowcapped volcano located right on the equatorial line, with only 4 more hours of travel our enthusiastic tourists could dine in the mystique Amazon region and in the next day with one hour and a half trip they can visit the famous and enchanted Galapagos Islands, the only country in the world where you can do all this in such a small territory is Ecuador.

Ecuador is also in the most compact and biologically diverse country in the world, if we take into account the land and sea spices Ecuador has the largest number of animal species in the world, but Ecuador is not only a land of natural wonders, manmade treasures can also be found, like Quito first city to be declared cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO where you will find the largest and best preserved colonial historical center in South America, Quito is just 9 miles away from the middle of world where visitors will have the opportunity to be at earth’s zero latitude, but Ecuador is also its people, 16 million people divided into 14 different nationalities each with a different culture, traditions and language, we have also two tribes of uncontacted people who are totally isolated in the amazon region.

Ecuador has won several tourist awards in the recent years for example during the last 7 years it has been recognized 6 times as the best place in the world for retirees, Quito has won the award for best destination in South America in addition to Ecuador’s recognition as the best green destination in the World.

These are only few of the reasons to travel to Ecuador, welcome and don’t forget all you need is Ecuador.

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